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You Can Use a Weed Grow Tent to Cool Your Bitcoin Mining Rig

A cool, but noisy way to cool your cryptocurrency

PC Benchmarking

#1 Fastest closed loop water cooling system 4 WAY SLI PC in the world (JAN 2019).

3D Mark (benchmarking software)

#10 World, Fire Strike Ultra 1.1 (JAN 2019)
#11 World, Fire Strike Extreme 1.1 (JAN 2019)
#12 World, Time Spy Extreme 1.0 (JAN 2019)
#14 World, Time Spy Graphics, 3D Mark Hall of Fame (World) 2019
#49 World, Time Spy CPU, 3D Mark Hall of Fame (World) 2019

This video marks one of my greatest achievements in my PC enthusiast career. Building the fastest desktop PC in the world for anything at the tip of my finger tips was a dream I always wanted to achieve.