Carbon and 3D Printed Camera Gimbal

A 3 axis camera stabilizer for yaw, pitch, and roll.

A custom carbon fiber chassis for the Tamiya TRF 201 platform to add 1 inch of wheelbase and wheely bar.

A carbon fiber chassis to improve ground effects and increase surface area for electronics mounting.

Project for working with the Nvidia Jetson Nano.

coming soon…

Made for Berkeley’s Class ME131/231 2019


A Simulink self-driving car algorithm simulator with vehicle dynamics engine and visual graphics to simulate camera sensor data.

A matlab GUI demo for the game 2048.

Download Here! :

Disassembled and identified numerous constraints in the cooling system. Was able to solve issue with additional cooling vents to eliminate thermal throttling.

A fully 3d printed phone case that holds onto the edges of the phone.

A fully-automatic rubber band gun with reloadable/interchangeable magazines.