Without a system of stringent numerical evaluation variables equate to random noise.

“Divide by Infinity”: Approaching one problem at a time, from a pool of infinite variables. By identifying and isolating potential failure modes and undesirable outcomes, we perfect quality, increase output, optimize inefficiencies, and raise minimums. Finding the single most optimal solution, in a sea of infinite possibilities, to Divide & Conquer Infinity.

Solutions are tailor-made and integrated into each system accordingly:
1. diagnosis of system failure
2. reverse engineering
3. identify system boundary conditions
4. removal of potential failure mechanisms
5. optimize performance
(repeat until initial boundary conditions are met)

For inquiries please contact us directly.

We specialize with CAD modeling in junction with rapid prototyping with 3d printing. We can create CAD models of irreplaceable parts, customization and modification of existing objects, or custom components.

For inquiries please directly contact Yuri.


– Inventor AutoDesk
– Fusion 360
– Cura

For inquiries please directly contact Yuri.

3D Printing

– Exotic Materials
– Complex Geometry
– Large Scale Projects
– Multi-Material Projects
– Replacement of irreplaceable parts
– Customization and modification of existing CAD Files
– Components from scratch
– Small to medium batch productions.
– Large Scale Manufacturing Processes of 3D printing with LEAN manufacturing.


– 3 Axis CNC Machining
– Plastic Welding
– Welding
– Silicone molds for fiber glass or carbon fiber applications.
– PCB Design
– Cooling System Designs

Gaming Computers

We create the fastest custom computers in the world. Zero compromise, pure performance.



#1 Fastest closed loop water cooling system 4 WAY SLI PC in the world.
#10 World Fire Strike Ultra 1.1 (JAN 2019)
#11 World Fire Strike Extreme 1.1 (JAN 2019)
#12 World Time Spy Extreme 1.0 (JAN 2019)

Data/Crypto Mining Rigs & Custom Servers

Our cryptocurrency/data mining computers allows us to have the best custom cooling solutions. Optimized for power consumption, cost, usable volume, data set size / throughput. We also specialize in application specific servers for data mining and or computationally intensive processes.

For inquiries please directly contact Yuri.

Coding is a dynamic problem that needs a plan and desirable end goal. We can integrate into existing systems or engineer a solution from scratch.

For inquiries please directly contact Yuri.


– Arduino Based Systems
– LabView
– Matlab
– Arduino Coding
– Python / ROS integration